PEPARAB awarded a contract from Oil pipeline Co. for modernize It's ABB Control System by using PEPARAB Smart System at Suez and Mustorod Sites….. PEPARAB Supply it's Smart IO and Smart II successfully to Marine Jet Power (MJP) Sweden since year 2011….. PEPARAB Participate in Korean Egyptian Nuclear Road Show Even.....

Chairman's Letter

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PresidentOver the years, PEP ARAB has transformed into a successful growing enterprise. We were lucky to witness and explore Egypt’s automation industry in the early days. The company has gone through several hardships into what it is today, a healthy, steady, and growing enterprise. Meanwhile, we have received the support, encouragement, understanding, as well as patience from our customers of various industries. We have also experienced the expectation, concern, and care from all levels of our customers and realize that being ambitious and aggressive is not enough. What PEP ARAB need are perseverance, dedication, and patience.


Over the 10 years of growth, PEP ARAB has setup its business foundation, direction, and approach for the present and future. Our core businesses are in the Process Control Automation, Building Automation, and Factory Automation.

We have provided excellent services with our professional knowledge supporting the customers. Simultaneously, the company is expanding the product development for the Industrial Automation and Information Technology for Industry application. Years of business also makes us clearly understand that we need to continuously drive values to our users, customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders all unified as a harmonious, healthy, and growing enterprise.


All that is past is history. Ten years ago, we could not predict or imagine what Egypt is today with its global importance and position. The opportunities and challenges we face are something we did not expect and cannot avoid but to face it calmly.

Consequently, PEP ARAB defines our new corporate development strategy -- “Product globalization, Corporatism, and Internationalization”.


We will strive towards this objective “From Egypt with Global Standard” by believing in “Doing It Right, Just Once” overcoming all the impulsive psychological decision embarks on our long journey ahead.

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PEParab Certificates