PEPARAB awarded a contract from Oil pipeline Co. for modernize It's ABB Control System by using PEPARAB Smart System at Suez and Mustorod Sites….. PEPARAB Supply it's Smart IO and Smart II successfully to Marine Jet Power (MJP) Sweden since year 2011….. PEPARAB Participate in Korean Egyptian Nuclear Road Show Even.....

Consultancy Services

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PEP ARAB Control Systems Co. offers a range of consultancy services to improve the knowledge, understanding and performance of our customers.Consulting


With over 10 years' experience in the design and integration of industrial automation and control solutions, PEP ARAB’ employees can share their expertise in hardware and software systems and features, and we can also offer assistance in supplier selection processes.


Controls and projects expertise

From single technology and small budget efforts to massive multi-discipline control, automation and information integration initiatives, PEP ARAB gives you:

  • A proven ability to effectively deliver comprehensive and high-level skills and resources to projects of all sizes.
  • A disciplined focus-supported by rigorous work management and collaboration systems-on completing projects on time and within budget while keeping you fully informed along the way.
  • An emphasis on building into every project maximum integratability with current systems as well as possibilities for future expansion, enhancement and improvement.
  • Thorough expertise in today's leading automation, control and development technologies, matched with a steadfast commitment to recommending those that create the best possible results for clients.


You can use PEP ARAB Controls Systems Integrations for expertise in a single area, for any combination of capabilities and services or from problem identification to project completion.


PEP ARAB consultants are all senior engineers, project managers and directors with extensive and valuable experience in their areas of expertise and the following industries: Water and Wastewater Treatment, Oil and Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical, Food and Beverage, Building Automation, Power Generation, Power Distribution, and Factory Automation.


This breadth of industry knowledge and experience, combined with our excellent approach to project execution, gives customers confidence in our consultancy services, which enables us to focus, advice and add real value to their working practices and processes. 

PEParab Certificates