PEPARAB awarded a contract from Oil pipeline Co. for modernize It's ABB Control System by using PEPARAB Smart System at Suez and Mustorod Sites….. PEPARAB Supply it's Smart IO and Smart II successfully to Marine Jet Power (MJP) Sweden since year 2011….. PEPARAB Participate in Korean Egyptian Nuclear Road Show Even.....

Smart Series

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SMART Series
  • New generation of SMART Series products by PEParab.
  • Applicable for small and medium to high performance controls.
  • Designed based on the combination of technologies such as computers, controls, communication, and signal processing together with the vast in-field project experience and knowledge in automation and control implementation.
  • Versatile is the key features in SMART Series providing customized solutions and application suitable for various industrials.
  • It is best suited for logic control, sequence control, process control and transmission control
  • The SMART Series consists of the integration of various kinds of modules, such as CPU, Communication, I/O, or Special Function on the backplane forming a complete controller unit.
  • The controller itself is modular and the system architecture is expandable.




Smart 2







SMART  Series has been developed with the requirements of their users in mind and as such has an unprecedented level of modularity integrated in to their design concept. this allows all functional units like CPUs , Fieldbus interfaces or power supply modules to fit exactly to the application requirement without additional costs being passed on to the customer – an expanding palette of plug-in analog , digital and communication modules provide standard sensor interfacing to these SMART Series.


The features provided by the SMART Family help to bring a clear automation structure to any given application with the added consequence of reduced planning, assembly and installation costs. This is fact is the true concept behind the SMART series Family when considering the pre-production of Plant modules each controlled by these SMART Family controller. All Plant module functionality can be programmed and tested prior to final assembly there by allowing separate tasks to be engineered simultaneously that helps to reduce project schedule times


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