PEPARAB awarded a contract from Oil pipeline Co. for modernize It's ABB Control System by using PEPARAB Smart System at Suez and Mustorod Sites….. PEPARAB Supply it's Smart IO and Smart II successfully to Marine Jet Power (MJP) Sweden since year 2011….. PEPARAB Participate in Korean Egyptian Nuclear Road Show Even.....


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PEP ARAB Solutions for your Industry



Our industry-specific expertise allows us to provide our clients with innovative strategies and solutions on how to quickly and effectively manage the complex challenges they face. We can help you develop and build the specific automation and execution solutions you need to compete successfully in today's highly competitive marketplace.

With a heritage based on delivering leading edge automation solutions tailored to a wide array of industry rigors and demands, it is no surprise that we are firmly established as a global leader in industrial automation and information management.

Our extensive experience with a wide range of clients across multiple industries puts us in an ideal position to understand and exceed customer expectations.

Furthermore, our focus on Research & Development means we continue to look to the future adapting and innovating our solutions to the increasing demands and requirements of emerging industry sectors.

PEP ARAB offers a wide range of application expertise and knowledge in the following industries:


 Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry relies heavily on automation, control and industrial safety systems to meet regulatory requirements, increase process reliability and reduce operational costs. PEP ARAB offers Management Information Systems, SCADA, Programmable Logic Controllers, Fire & Gas and Emergency Shutdown Systems to improve the regulatory compliance, safety and performance of oil and gas companies.

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 Food & Beverage

Legislation, regulations, tight margins and increases in competition are driving food and beverage manufactures to invest in automation, control and traceability systems to increase production efficiency and profitability.

PEP ARAB offers a range of solutions to assist food and beverage manufacturers in their quest to reduce batch variability, downtime and waste, whilst improving productivity and product traceability.

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 Building Automation

PEP ARAB Integrate multiple building automation and facilities management system to effectively monitor and control security and access control: HVAC (heating, chillers, ventilation, and air filtration), electrical distribution and energy use, lighting, fire detection and suppression, elevators, reporting and preventative maintenance.

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 Water & Wastewater

As a pioneer and industry leader in remote monitoring and control systems for the water and wastewater treatment industry, our Smart SCADA system can be scaled to fit any size water treatment facility or combination of utilities, while it centralizes management and ensures round-the-clock reliability and regulatory compliance. It has the proven ability to operate over large networks with different types of communications, including auto dialers, wireless networking and other SCADA-based systems.

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 Chemical & Petrochemical

PEP ARAB, offers a range of solutions to improve the operational performance of the Chemical and Petrochemical industries, including Management Information Systems, OEE Systems, Distributed Control Systems, SCADA, Programmable Logic Controllers, Fire & Gas, Emergency Shutdown Systems

PEP ARAB recognized there was a need for a reliable solution provider to serve the Chemical and Petrochemical industries with a range of management information, process control and manpower solutions. Since then we have been heavily involved in designing and implementing solutions for these industries.

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