PEPARAB awarded a contract from Oil pipeline Co. for modernize It's ABB Control System by using PEPARAB Smart System at Suez and Mustorod Sites….. PEPARAB Supply it's Smart IO and Smart II successfully to Marine Jet Power (MJP) Sweden since year 2011….. PEPARAB Participate in Korean Egyptian Nuclear Road Show Even.....

Mission and Vision

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As many other companies, PEP ARAB also believes that the corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise that gives a reflection of the organization’s attitudes, experiences, beliefs and values. It specifies the values and norms that are shared among PEP ARAB and control the way we behave and interact with each other and with stakeholders outside the organization. It is the principles followed and practiced by the whole organization.


  • To Improve People’s Work, Life, and Environment by Automation
  • To be the first ARAB leading edge supplier of control system based on partnership cooperation with worldwide international clients and technology supplier achieving top satisfaction for the market 




  • Product platform provider with solution and services capabilities
  • Control the brain of industry by design, develop, and manufacture solutions for PEP ARAB customers, partners by using Pep's system products and technological know-how. As a leading technology provider using latest technology, high motivated, well trained and customer oriented employees to serve all targeted market segments with high-value and high quality systems, solutions, and services.



PEP ARAB has a very important philosophy which is applied through a leader group of applicable specifications. This philosophy leads finally to important benefits for our end user. According to this philosophy, we introduce a very flexible, upgradeable, and extendable system, which makes end-user independent in the future, saving his investments and keeping him updated with the top upgrade worldwide systems and technologies.

PEP ARAB Philosophy based on the following:

  • Envisaged in good faith for the customers
  • Innovation, Pursuit of excellence, Do it once, do it right
  • Corporatism, Product Globalization, Internationalization


Customers' Value

  • Providing professional solutions
  • Cost effective quality products
  • Excellent and satisfied services


Employees' Value

  • Provides platform for ability development
  • Rewards with reasonable remuneration
  • Productive and joyful working environment with a sense of accomplishment


Shareholders' Value

  • Stable development of company's net asset
  • Achieving reasonable return of profitability
  • Establishing a positive social image and reputation
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