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VME Platform

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VME Technology adheres to the open system architecture definition of real-time, modular embedded computing systems. Intensive development and field deployed systems have proven out the concept of VMEbus. The developers within the VMEbus community are committed to technology excellence through evolutionary changes.


VMEVME Technology continues to be a favorable choice as an industrial embedded computing architecture. Many current users have taken advantage of the long life cycle of VME products and have refreshed their product lines with the vast selection of VME products on the market. New projects are leveraging the advancements in VME Technology with an eye on performance and the life cycle advantages of VME.


VMEbus Applications

VMEbus is used in a wide variety of applications. In many cases, the VMEbus system design has been tailored to support specialized applications as well. Some of the most popular include:

  • Industrial controls: factory automation, robotics, injection molding machines, automotive body assembly and painting, sawmill controls, metal working, steel manufacturing, cardboard cutters and many others.
  • Military: battlefield command & control systems, ground and flight radar control systems, tank and gun controls, communications, avionics and many others.
  • Aerospace: avionics, fly-by-wire control systems, in-flight video servers, spacecraft experiment control, missile countdown sequencers, and many others. In 1998 the Mars Pathfinder used a VMEbus computer to control spacecraft operation on the planet Mars.
  • Transportation: railway controls, smart highway systems and light-rail transit systems.
  • Telecom: advanced intelligent node (AIN) switch gear, cellular telephone base stations, satellite uplink and downlinks and telephone switches. VMEbus live insertion capabilities were also designed for this application.
  • Simulation: aircraft flight, earthquake, metal fatigue and various military simulation systems.
  • Medical: CATSCAN imaging, MRI imaging and various acoustical systems.
  • High Energy Physics: particle accelerators, particle detectors.
  • General business: network routers, servers, copy machines and high-speed printers.




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