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SMART DCS Architecture

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System Architecture


SMART DCS has a simple and common architecture covers a variety of plant sizes and industries.

SMART DCS Architecture divided into:

  • Operator Level
  • Process Level
  • Communication Level

These three basic levels support facilities from the tiny to very large and complex with up to 100,000 tags





SMART DCS Operator Level

Operator level contains the functions for operation and observation, archives, and logs, trends, and alarms. Open-loop and closed-loop control functions are processed in the controllers.

The SMART DCS operator stations use PC hardware, either standard or industrialized in line with the application, running under the Microsoft Windows operating system. Operator station supports dual-monitor operation, meaning that two monitors can be used on a single PC, operated using one mouse and one keyboard.

One engineering station and several operator stations can be installed at the operator level. The SMART DCS engineering station is used to configure and commission the system. Usually, portable equipment such as laptops, which allow configuration both in the office and on site, is used. The operator level PCs can also be used as engineering station. A permanent connection to the engineering system is not necessary


SMART DCS Process Level

At the process level, SMART DCS system can consist of several process stations that are connected with I/O units. You have the option of running these process stations either redundantly (CPU redundancy, fieldbus module redundancy) or without redundancy.

Modular plug-in input/output modules are used in accordance with the type and quantity of process signals.


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